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Did your business have a hard time during lockdown or did it stop its production process? CONTINUITY is a project that will train managers to know how to react to unexpected events.

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Reinforced by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a need for companies to avoid the interruption of the supply of their goods and services, especially in times of crisis. The outdated and often inefficient risk management programmes need to be developed to allow business procedures to be more resilient.


By creating an appropriate VET, horizontal to all sectors and independent from the geographical and political context, intrinsically transnational, able to train the Business Continuity as a professional figure with in-depth knowledge on this topic.


Through the development of an online platform, the consortium aims to produce and provide materials on 5 learning units addressing mostly business managers, but also unit managers (mid-management level)

5 Learning Units

Organizational Resilience

Ability to anticipate key events and constantly adapt to change.

Business Continuity

Ability to maintain essential functions during and after a disaster has occurred.

Crisis Management

Ability to manage crisis that threaten the strategic goals of an organization.

Supply Chain Resilience

Ability to resist or avoid the impact of a supply chain disruption.

Cyber Resilience

Ability to overcome cyber threats and risks.

Specific Objectives

Promote cooperation between EU organizations and training providers within the Business Continuity environment.

Develop Business Continuity management programmes focused on the acquisition of new professional skills and competences.

Develop new and innovative approaches to improve the quality and relevance of training provision.

Promote the provision of transversal skills (project management, European funding programmes) for those responsible for Business Continuity measures.

Target Groups

Higher Education Institutions
SME’s Business Managers
VET centers & training centers

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