Work does not stop! Business continues…as usual!

Our partners started the second day of the C1 activity reflecting on two of the most important results from Business Continuity project, soon to be available for everyone to enjoy: the tailored Local workshops on Business Continuity and the online platform course which will allow you to learn from our expert researchers from the different countries of the consortium.

The platform is currently under development and will be available at the project site, will be free to access, will be available in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Greek, therefore granting the opportunity of being certificated on matters as business continuity, cyber resilience and security, organisational resilience, and more to a vast amount of people all around Europe.

The workshops will be organized locally by each partner, granting professionals with a dedicated training on each of the modules available at the platform in their own languages.

The following months are going to represent a time of hard efforts from our colleagues, always aiming to provide SMEs, stakeholders and any kind of professionals with the tools and mechanisms which are required to confront possible disruptions of the normal development of their activities.