Coaches trained! Time for TPM

Our partners have successfully completed their training on how to deliver the workshops on Business Continuity and they are now ready to transfer their expert knowledge onto the local workshops that are going to be implemented during the following months.

The workshops are aimed at professionals who are interested into making their businesses more resilient to adversity and to design and decide business continuity strategies to be applied whenever an incident occurs to affect the normal activity of their companies, organizations or institutions.

Our member partners reviewing the online platform contents

The next steps will be the organization of the local workshops in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, which will be imparted in the respective languages by the trainers of the Continuity project consortium.

Tomorrow, 9th of February, the partners will gather a last time for the Transnational Project Meeting #3, in which the status of the project will be discussed to posteriorly set a working schedule for the next months. The fourth and Final TPM will be held in Milano, Italy, after the summer.