A screenshot of the site enisa.europa.eu, the European agency for cybersecurity

The importance of cybersecurity

The last decades have represented one of the most amazing periods of human History referred to technological progress. In the past 50 years, humankind has altered their own perception of the world in a way that re-shaped, modified or made obsolete processes that had been with us for centuries.

Image of a laptop computer on a table on which there are other objects: a coffee mug, a smartphone, a notepad, a notebook and a pencil.
On the table are graphic sketches (digitally generated) of different statistical representations: a pie chart, graphs, formulas, etc.

Communications were one of the fields that underwent for the most rapid, intense changes. However, business is not far from it. Electronic mailing and signatures, digitization of payments, encrypted digital files, automatized supply chain processes…around the globe, companies of all size make use of the advantages offered by technological development.

However, the same advantages that allow people all over the world contact our business in an easy way, also puts us under the radar of potential attackers seeking for a security breach in our system. A digital attacker does not require of coming to our office and make a hole in the wall to harm our business, therefore it is important to ensure that our business is secure.

ENISA, the European Union platform for cybersecurity

For that reason, the European Union developed ENISA, a site where all relevant publications, regulations, methods for certification or even tools to assess and improve your cybersecurity can be found.

Do not forget to check it from time to time to ensure you are up to date!

Screenshot of the ENISA site from the European agency for cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is our Module #5

As you well know, CONTINUITY project partners are developing a e-learning platform on Business Continuity, addressed to professionals of the field, in which you will also be able to self-assess your learning.

In our course, Cybersecurity is also accounted for, and you will be able to expand your knowledge thanks to the contents of Module 5!