The COVID-19 pandemic is having a growing impact on global businesses and the economy. The worldwide lockdown due to the spread of the virus has forced most nations to stop their economy, and this has critically affected organizations’ economic and technological structures.

In this context, it has been proven essential the need for a company to avoid, within the limits imposed by restrictive measures, the interruption of the supply of its products and/or services. It is, therefore, necessary to enhance the risk management programmes, often inefficient and outdated, through the development of more resilient business procedures. Thus, Business Continuity, a concept still little-known in the business context, corresponds to the “ability of an organization to continue to deliver products or services at predefined acceptable levels following an incident”.

The need for higher awareness on the subject derives from the increasing need for organizations to be more resilient. In line with this, the CONTINUITY project has just starter that aims to create an appropriate VET (Vocational Education and Training), horizontal to all sectors and independent from the geographical and political context, able to train the Business Continuity Manager as a professional figure with an in-depth knowledge of Business Continuity issues, best-practices, and protocols to be followed.

The CONTINUITY project will develop an online training platform which will include contents to develop managers’ skills in 5 learning units: Organizational Resilience, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Supply Chain Resilience and Cyber Resilience.