•This module reviews the different definitions of enterprise resilience to identify its main characteristics and the importance of being resilient. It is very relevant to develop mechanisms to assess the OR capacity and thus, to take support organisations’ decision makers about which actions have to be implemented to enhance the OR capacity.

•The first element to be analysed is to identify the most common events that have a negative impact on the OR capacity. This module collects 71 disruptive events that have been classified as the most worrisome in the last years.

•Moreover, through the analysis of OR definitions, the main enterprise capabilities for companies to be resilient are identified. preparedness and recovery capabilities are the two ones that have a major influence to make organisations more resilient, from both proactive and reactive perspective.

•In addition, the module also proposes actions to support organisations in the enhancement of OR. The preparedness capability could be enhanced as preparedness actions are activated and implemented. This module contains 403 preparedness actions

•All this needs to be followed by the development of quantitative methods and tools to assess how much resilient organisations are. For this reason, the module reviews the dynamic programming as an easy mechanism to be able to optimise the set of preparedness actions que better prepare organisations to face disruptive events.

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