Unit 2 : Identification of the most worrisome disruptive events impacting OR

Identification of the most worrisome threats impacting OR

Which are the disruptive events that most concern?

Total: 71 disruptive events

“Failure is an important part of the growing and developing resilience”.
Michelle Obama

“Take the risk or lose the chance”.

Summary and Takeaways

1.Organisations are exposed to different disruptive events that hider their normal daily operation.

2.The most common and worrisome disruptive events are identified

3.These disruptive events are related to: supply, customers, distribution, energy, environment, financial, inventory, legislation, production, social and technological

Check your understanding

1 Which one of the following disruptive events is not related to financial problems?

a) Restricted access to credit
b) Interest rate changes
c) Increased competition
d) Liquidity problems

2 The following disruptive event: “Industrial espionage“ belongs to:

a) Distribution
b) Social
c) Environment
d) Technology

3 “Bad reputation of an organisation” is:

a) Disruptive event
b) The cause of a disruptive event
c) The consequence of a disruptive event
d) None of the previous responses


Sanchis, R., Canetta, L., & Poler, R. (2020). A conceptual reference framework for enterprise resilience enhancement. Sustainability, 12(4), 1464.