Unit 4 : Assessment and enhancement of the preparedness capacity of organisations

Assessment and enhancement of the preparedness capacity of organisations

•Complex task to assess and enhance the preparedness capacity

•Mathematical mechanisms for the optimisation in the selection of the preparedness actions

•Easy way to support the decision making process to make the organisation more resilient

Summary and Takeaways

1.It is very difficult to decide about which measures are the best to be implemented to enhance the preparedness capacity

2.It is necessary to define powerful mechanism but, at the same time, easy to use to support the decision-making process

3.Small problems are easy to solve but bigger ones require software tools

Check your understanding


1 To facilitate the decision-making process for selecting the best action to improve preparedness capacity, instead of estimating the savings after the implementation of a preparedness action, the following can be used:

a) Utility
b) Complexity
c) Utility and complexity
d) None of the answers is correct

2 The complexity of implementing a preparedness action:

a) The cost of the disruptive event
b) The cost of the preparedness action
c) The savings generated by the implementation of an action
d) The usefulness of the preparedness action

3 if a company is willing to invest 1.00€ in enhancing its preparedness capacity, which of the following actions should be implement?

a)Action 1
b)Action 2
c)Action 3
d)Action 1 and action 2


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