Unit 7: Two Best Practices

Methodology to implement an enhancement of OR
Enhancement of the recovery capacity through the knowledge registration

Best Practices
Methodology to implement
an enhancement of OR

Sanchis (2017)

Best Practices
Enhancement to the recovery
capacity through the knowledge registration

•OR can be built based on knowledge management.

•Knowledge is a strategic asset that contribute to expand the cognitive capacities of individuals what in turn, improve the enterprise resilience capacity, particularly to recover from complex situations

•Knowledge management requires the acquisition, creation and use of information to adapt to changes and, ultimately, for the enhancement of enterprise resilience.

•Resilient organisations should be able to create, register and distribute the knowledge rapidly and efficiently for recovering from a disruption in the shortest possible time and cost.
Sanchis, Marcucci, Alarcón and Poler (2021)

Summary and Takeaways

1. In order to be more resilient, organisations should focus on preparing and anticipating rather than waiting for the negative event to happen and then recovering.

2. The enhancement of OR requires a well-founded methodology to support the decision-making process.

3. The negative consequences of an event are less if the organisation is proactive and preventive than passive and reactive.

4. To recover efficiently, it is important to have the appropriate knowledge available to take the right decisions.

Check your understanding

1 Why is it important to record knowledge related to a specific event?

a)To make statistics on the frequency of occurrence of such an event
b)To know how to act if a similar event happens again
c)To know who is the person responsible for the recovery steps 
d)All answers are correct

2 Why is it important to record the rationale for why specific actions were taken?

a)Because top management wants to know everything
b)Because this way whoever has to implement the recovery action knows in detail why things are done this way and not another way, and can even propose improvements.
c)Because this way you can know when the disruptive event will happen again.
d)All answers are correct


Sanchis, R. (2017). Propuesta de una Herramienta y Metodología para el Análisis y Mejora de la Resiliencia Empresarial [Tesis doctoral]. Universitat Politècnica de València. https://doi.org/10.4995/Thesis/10251/80225

Sanchis, R., Marcucci, G., Alarcón, F., & Poler, R. (2021). Knowledge Registration Module Design for Enterprise Resilience Enhancement. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 54(1), 1029-1034.