Module #3


Crisis is any situation (usually an unstable condition with high level of uncertainty) that deviates from normal business and emergency plans that requires urgent attention and action to protect life, credibility, assets, property or the environment.

The fact is, no matter how many precautions an organization takes, a crisis can occur without warning and lead to very serious disruptions and business impacts.

Every business will likely face a crisis as a result of internal (e.g., organizational errors) or external (e.g., pandemic) events at some point during its existence threatening the safety or well-being of people, impair public reputation or image, impact bottom line, increase insurance exposures and affect revenue.

This module will cover, the needs of a Business Continuity professional when dealing with an unforeseeable event that may be escalated to a crisis and the way their treatment integrates to the overall organization Resilience framework and effort, together with the rest of the principles of Continuity.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of the course are to assist learners to:

•Acquire fundamental knowledge on the concepts of Crisis Management

•Comprehend the context, the process, the roles and responsibilities as well as the communication challenges of a Crisis Management Plan

•Adopt and transfer their knowledge on the Crisis Management to their working environment with a view to develop a more resilient business set-up

•Develop a refined Crisis Management Plan based on international best practices as well as business success stories

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit,  you will be able to…

•Know the importance of the Crisis Management
•Understand how to assess company’s threats
•Identify Crisis Management Team roles and responsibilities
•Evaluate the critical factors in crisis communication
•Define the key components and create a Crisis Management Plan
•Monitor, review and update the Crisis Management Plan
•Provide training & awareness on Crisis Management within the organization

Structure of the Module

Unit 1 Crisis Management Plan

This unit provides a brief introduction to Crisis Management, the way it integrates to the overall organization Resilience framework and effort and the rest of the principles of Continuity. It also provides the guidance on how to prepare a Crisis Management Plan for the organization.

Unit 2 Crisis Management Team and Leadership

This unit provides input on the leadership and governance structure of Crisis Management within an organization.

Unit 3 Crisis Communication

This unit is focusing on the way communication is managed during a crisis.

Unit 4 Training & Awareness

This unit provides information on providing training and awareness within an organization and the relevant to its Crisis Management function stakeholders.

Unit 6 Best Practices

Global level examples related with the topic.

Self-assessment tool

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