Quiz Module #4


Quiz Module 4

What is the definition of resilience of a SC?

What are the events that can cause consequences to a SC?

What is the RT for?

What is the initial impact on the performance profile?

What are the stages of the performance profile that are integrated into the RT?

What is the second sector of the resilience triangle?

What are three strategies to follow to prepare for future disruptions? (tick the three correct answers)

How to diversify the SC?

What is one of the phases of the mitigation sector?

What is the ripple effect?

What is the main cause of ripple effect?

What are the countermeasures to the ripple effect?

In the case study of distribution centre which network structure is more vulnerable?

How does increasing entropy affect the vulnerability of the network structure?

What is the first step in the microgrid case study?

What are the solutions to develop risk treatment strategies?

What tool was used to perform the analysis in the microchip shortage business scenario?

What are the upsides of Industry 4.0?

How to develop a SCR roadmap?

Why is it imperative that manufacturers proactively invest in cybersecurity?

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