Quiz Module 5


Quiz Module 5

What does not Cyber Resilience Mean?

Which of the given premises of Cyber Resilience is not true?

Which is not a reason for cyber resilience being important?

Which are the followings are the benefits of cyber resilience?
I.Reduce financial losses;
II.Meet legal and regulatory requirements;
III.Improve your security culture and internal processes; and
IV.Protect your brand and reputation.

What does operational security consist?
I.Patch and update management
II.Vulnerability monitoring
III.Fraud prevention
IV.Cyber intelligence

How can not an organization achieve cyber resilience?

Who are in a business should be responsible for cybersecurity?

Which is not the types of cybersecurity?
I.Network security
II.Building Security
III.Internet of Things (IoT) security
IV.Application Security

Which of the given promises is not true about the key difference between cybersecurity and cyber resilience?

Which is not belong to the top 5 cybersecurity threats to manage?

Which should not be in the cybersecurity checklist?

Which of the given promises about cyber resilience and cyber security is not true?

«The practice of preventing digital attacks on programs, networks, and systems is known as cybersecurity.»

A cyber resilience assessment supposes that an organization deploys its resources, what are these resources?

  1. People
  2. Data
  3. Technology
  4. Equipment

A four-part method for cyber resilience is proposed by the common cyber resilience framework, which is not?

Which of the following indicators can not be used to determine the organization’s culture and leadership’s adaptive capacity?

Which of the following indicators listed below do not identify the organization’s ability to leverage internal and external relationships when needed?

«Plans, policies, and procedures for cybersecurity are evaluated on a regular basis to guarantee that cybersecurity programs are effective and prepared for use in the event of an attack.»

An improved comprehension of an organization’s cybersecurity posture is provided by a cyber resilience review. The evaluation does not offer:

A checklist can be used to prepare a cyber-resilience assessment, which of the following should be in it ?
I.Identify dangers and Examine your network for vulnerabilities and threats
II.Find out about possible cyberattacks
III.Examine the organization’s current attack response
IV.Secure current networks, software, and systems.

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