Unit 3. Definition of preparedness actions for each disruptive event

Definition of preparedness actions for each disruptive event

•403 preparedness actions.

•Each preparedness action is specific for each disruptive event.

•Some preparedness actions could also be applied to different disruptive events – 312 actions.

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”.
Nelson Mandela

Summary and Takeaways

1.This classification is very useful to identify specific preparedness actions per disruptive event

2.It is a powerful instrument for managers to improve the preparedness capacity to face disruptive events.

3.There are 312 different preparedness actions defined.

Check your understanding

1 This preparadness action: “Classification ABC-XYZ” is not useful for one of the following disruptive events:

a) Limited storage capacity
b) High times in the search for materials, components
c) Loss of products’ traceability within the storage area
d) Entry of new competitors in emerging countries

2 Which of the following preparedness action is not suitable to be implemented to face the disruptive event: “Increase of competitors”?

a) Search for alternative suppliers
b) Definition of differentiation strategies from competitors
c) Benchmarking
d) Definition of policies to focus efforts on providing better customer service

3 This preparedness action: ” Registration of the human capital know-how”  is useful to be prepared in advance to face the disruptive event: “Hostile environment at the enterprise”

a) True
b) False


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