Best Practices

Best Practices

Crisis Management Best Practice: Form a Crisis Team

First in 2015 with a subsequent scandal in 2018, Volkswagen faced a crisis after it was revealed that it had installed secret software that made engines appear cleaner in tests than on the road. Oliver Larkin, head of the investor relations team, told IR Magazine that “As a company, we immediately set up a working group, with representatives from the communications side as well as the technical side and the legal side that assessed the information as it came out – and these people were working 24/7.”

The group focused on messaging, brand reputation and relationships with major investors, while other responsibilities were sidelined. Experts and consultants also participated in the effort.
Although you have a designated crisis management team, you will need to define smaller teams focused on specific issues.
Give team members the resources they need, such as qualified outside experts. Cross-functional teams are often highly effective.

Crisis Communication Best Practices

According to Josh Wilson, publicist at Otter Public Relations

“In the 24-hour media world, the question is no longer will you face a crisis but when will you face one”

Develop a communication plan before you need it

A crisis communication plan assists leaders to guide their company through any negative situation. Frequently, small businesses fail to plan.

Be sure to respond in a timely manner

It’s important to develop a message to address a crisis as soon as possible after it occurs, although you don’t want to make hasty, emotionally charged statements that you haven’t thought through. You will be able to avoid this if you have prepared some messages in advance.

Assign responsibilities and minimize communication gaps

Assign the execution of the crisis communication plan to a trusted group of people. Designate one person to be the spokesperson to speak on behalf of your company throughout the crisis, rather than having different people speak as company messengers.

Consult legal and crisis management professionals

Have a legal professional on standby before you make any public statements

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